We look forward to your continued guidence and encouragement !

Greetings and welcome to Kong Hwa Precision Tool.
I highly appreciate the supports from customers who have loved Kong Hwa Precision Tool till now.
We started Kong Hwa based on integrity and confidence to meet your satisfaction in 1970.
We have set up Kong Hwa Precision Tool in 1990 and then we launched high performance drills in the first place in KOREA.

Most people concerned it’s difficult to launch best quality carbide drills during development.
But, We continued to develop high performance drill over and over again.
Then we launched high performance drill as become well-known in the world.
Kong Hwa is realizing the global management without border.

We are now ready to serve more customers by implementing advanced tools and securing large-scale production capacity by construction second factory to AN-SAN.
We would like to assure you that Kong Hwa Precision Tool will be the company providing the best satisfaction to customers and always staying together with customers based on transparent management, skill workers, high-tech equipped.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.
Kong Hwa Precision Tool will not remain static but will continuously change and develop into a leader in this field.

We will always focus on our society and community in order to grow together. Kong Hwa Precision Tool pursues the ultimate value of “safety for you”

Thank you. 

CEO of Kong Hwa Precision Tool
Jun Young Park